Hot Rod Builds Available In Tulsa

Hot Rod Builds

Frank's Hot Garage is the go-to source for custom Hot Rod Builds. Get started on the car or truck of your dreams today by stopping by or giving us a call!

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Custom Motor Builds

Our experience and attention to detail is second to none when it comes to building custom racing motors. No matter what your needs are, Frank's Hot Rod Garage in Tulsa is your one stop shop for getting the highest quality in town.

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LS Swaps

LS Engines are known for being able to be placed in any make or model and instantly improve overall performance. With the help of our team at Frank's Hot Rod Garage, we can deliver speed, power, and longevity that you can drive around Tulsa with pride.

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Custom Body Work

Does your classic car need a facelift? Our team at Frank's Hot Rod Garage is proud to provide custom body work services that will have your car looking the best it ever has.

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Custom Paint Jobs

Are you looking to get the Custom Paint Job you've dreamed of? Frank's Hot Rod Garage offers the best Custom Paint jobs in all of Tulsa. Our expert team will make sure you are well taken care of when you trust us with your vehicle's new look!

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Roll Cages

If you're thinking about getting a new Custom Roll Cage, Frank's Hot Rod Garage has you covered! From Jeeps to race cars and more, we have you covered.

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We are happy to offer personalized suspension set ups, perfect for your vehicle's needs! Take your performance to the next level with our Custom Suspension services in Tulsa.

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Custom Exhaust

Upgrading your exhaust system can take your ride to the next level. We offer high-quality Custom Exhaust systems personalized for your vehicle. Choose our shop in Tulsa and trust our expert technicians to get you what you need!

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Custom Metal Work

With our Custom Metal Work, you can personalize your vehicle as well as make it more efficient. If you work with our experienced technicians, you'll get to enjoy the highest standards of quality and safety.

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Whatever You Want in a Hot Rod, Frank's Hot Rod Garage Can Meet Your Needs

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