LS Swaps in Tulsa

Tulsa's Most Experienced LS Swap Providers

When you're looking for a high performance engine, LS engines are usually the first to come to mind. We're well versed in performing LS swaps to get the power and speed that you crave. Whether you're in Tulsa, Sapulpa, or Broken Arrow, you can count on Frank's Hot Rod Garage.

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Versatility, Power, & Speed: LS Engines Deliver

LS Engines have increased in popularity over the years and for good reason. They're well known for their engine strength, affordability, adaptability, and, most of all, their performance. With just a simple cam swap, we can take an average LS engine and make it extraordinary.

And we've done this before. So when you come to Frank's Hot Rod Garage, you can be certain that we're putting the same level of care into our work as you would yourself. We have the equipment and years of knowledge to back it up.

With an LS Swap from Frank's Hot Rod Garage, you can expect:
  • Expertise in a variety of engine types and builds
  • Sturdy, reliable performance from your LS engine
  • Increased speed and power for your hot rod
  • Custom options built to fit your needs

Get The Most Powerful Engine In Tulsa

You won't settle for second best for your engine, so why would you settle for your garage? Frank's Hot Rod Garage is the best in Tulsa for LS Swaps, custom motor builds, and all things hot rod. Get the high quality engine you want with help from our team.

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Whatever You Want in a Hot Rod, Frank's Hot Rod Garage Can Meet Your Needs

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